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Developmental Eye Movement™ Test (DEM™)


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Desarrollado por el Dr. Jack Richman y el Dr. Ralph Garzia.

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Bernell's exclusive DEM™ test provides an objective method of assessing fixational and saccadic activity during reading and non-reading tasks.

The Developmental Eye Movement Test incorporates a sub-test of number calling in a vertical array which provides the means to evaluate oculomotor function with numbers in a horizontal array. The DEM™ was developed by Dr. Jack Richman, OD and Dr. Ralph Garzia, OD.

Test comes with a Manual (2nd Edition) which includes instructions as well as 60+ pages of tables of standards based on age and grade level. Some case histories and clinical treatment considerations are also presented. Also included is scoring software which displays the comparisons to standardized scores as shown in the 60+ pages of tables. The software saves time and prevents errors in reading the many tables.

Please note: the software is only compatible with Windows and is not supported on Mac.


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Developmental Eye Movement™ Test (DEM™)

Developmental Eye Movement™ Test (DEM™)

Desarrollado por el Dr. Jack Richman y el Dr. Ralph Garzia.