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Motor-Free Visual Perception TEST - 4


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Autor: Ronald P. Colarusso y Donald D. Hammill

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With its easy, motor-free response format, the MVPT-4 assesses visual perception and is especially helpful with those who may have learning, physical, or cognitive disabilities. This test can be used for screening, diagnosis, treatment planning, or research by educators, psychologists, occupational therapists, optometrists, and others who need a quick, accurate measure of visual–perceptual skills.

The MVPT-4 assesses five categories of visual perception:

  • Visual Discrimination: Ability to discriminate dominant features of different objects, including the ability to discriminate position, shapes, and forms
  • Spatial Relationship: Ability to perceive the positions of objects in relation to oneself and to other objects
  • Visual Memory: Ability to recognize a previously presented stimulus item after a brief interval
  • Figure–Ground: Ability to distinguish an object from background or surrounding objects
  • Visual Closure: Ability to perceive a whole figure when only fragments are presented

The examinee is shown a line drawing and then asked to choose the matching drawing from a set of four drawings. Test plates are contained in one easy-to-use book with an easel back. Helpful administration cues are provided on the Record Form to simplify testing, and scoring is extremely easy, with no basals or ceilings needed. The raw scores can be quickly converted to one overall standard score and percentile rank. Optional response time data tells you whether an individual’s answers are significantly delayed.


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Motor-Free Visual Perception TEST - 4

Motor-Free Visual Perception TEST - 4

Autor: Ronald P. Colarusso y Donald D. Hammill